Why Should a Business Invest in a Professional Janitorial Services Company?

Attention to detail

If you own a business or building in the DC area and are contemplating the value of contracting commercial cleaning services—there are many factors to take into consideration. Whether you are in need of ongoing janitorial services, periodic deep cleaning, or specialty cleaning projects—Universal Janitorial Services has you covered.

We can clean and provide maintenance for anything from office buildings, high-rise complexes, condominiums, shopping centers, apartment buildings, schools, medical offices, places of worship, parking garages, tenanted offices, or post-construction clean up. All of our clients benefit from the following factors:

Time Is Money

As a business continues to grow, the cleaning tasks that were once easily manage by the in-house staff—can grow into a time consuming commitment. By investing in commercial cleaning services, you can ensure that your team is spending their time doing what they do best—their job.

Not only are our professional cleaners skilled at providing you the cleaning and maintenance you require, but they are fast and efficient—which saves you money.

Superior Attention To Detail

Ensuring that your office, business, or building is pristine from floor to ceiling is our specialty. Our professional cleaners are trained to identify all areas of opportunity, which may otherwise be overlooked.

While your team may excel at running your business, we have the attention to detail to notice the dust on baseboards, the scuff on the floors, your office overall cleanliness, and other problem areas that make areas look less professional.

Professional Grade Cleaning Tools And Supplies

Another benefit to investing in commercial cleaning services, is that we have access to the professional grade cleaning tools and supplies required to get the job done. This includes time-saving tools, as well as tool designed to address specialty surfaces such as marble and hardwood.

We also eliminate the need for you to store cleaning tools and supplies, by bringing what we need to get the job done—directly to you.

Sanitation And Cleanliness

The more people you have in and out of your workplace or building on a daily basis, the greater the need for sanitation. At Universal Janitorial Services, we not only ensure that your business or building looks clean—but that it is sanitized too. We focus on the often ignored, yet germ-filled areas such as door knobs, handles, staircase railings, and bathrooms.

Professional Appearance

You never get a second change to make a first impression. Regardless of the industry you are in, the appearance of your offices and buildings speaks volumes about your level of pride. Even if you rarely have clients within your four walls—maintaining a professional appearance is necessary for providing a desirable workplace.

Maintenance And Upkeep

At Universal Janitorial Services, will ensure your professional appearance is upheld, and execute a wide range of ongoing maintenance and upkeep. For all of our ongoing contracts, we work off of cleaning and maintenance checklists that ensure that items such as carpets are deep cleaned, floors are polished, wood floors are properly maintained, and much more. Combined these services will save you time and money in replacement and repairs over the months and years to come.

The Universal Janitorial Services Difference

At Universal Janitorial Services our professional cleaners are available to perform a wide range of cleaning services for all of your professional and commercial needs. All of our dedicated team members have undergone rigors and detailed training—and work with the utmost integrity. We have been serving the DC area for over 30 years, and have been celebrated for our superior service time and time again!

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